About Us

The passion we have at Healthy for Life University was sparked by circumstances that many of you can relate to. We have had personal struggles with health problems and have endured the loss of loved ones. Science has now confirmed that in most cases, these problems and losses could have been prevented. Many times, the information we were given regarding health seemed incomplete, inconsistent and without hope. There had to be better answers!

These experiences inspired us to commit our lives to research and learn more about the body, and motivated us to provide hope for better health solutions. It is in loving memory of those we have lost, and our compassion for those who struggle with health problems currently, that we created the Healthy for Life University Health Transformation System. This system will empower you with knowledge about the incredible body you have and the amazing intelligence with which it was designed, giving your bodies the ability to heal itself.

We have years of experience in the medical field, lifestyle education, and health industry consulting. We have spent years working with patients and clients, seeing amazing results with health improvement and disease resolution. Our unique insights and experiences with people just like you have allowed us to put all of our knowledge together into this simple, step-by-step system. We have been where you are and have achieved the health success you want. Our commitment to you is simple and clear. Our organization exists to help you achieve the boundless health you want and need.The easy to follow tools in the Health Transformation System work incredibly well. We are here to help you reverse and heal health problems that you may have now and/or to build a life-long foundation of knowledge and application to prevent future disease from happening. This system will be one of the best investments you ever made in yourself, your family and in your quality and length of life.

With love from the Healthy for Life University team,

Jake Velie, CPT
Chief Education Officer
Healthy for Life University

Brian Shattuck
Healthy for Life University